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Airfreight Door To Airport

  • Wine is sent to selected international customs airport
  • Delivery time is 14 to 21 days
  • All destination charges are EXCLUDED. 
  • We ship wine to the selected airport only. Please select destination airport from Directory of Airports, and specify on the waybill.
  • Importation of the wine into the country of destination (customs clearing, handling charges and duties and taxes) is EXCLUDED and done at OWN RISK AND OWN COST.
  • Cape Grape and Wine Logistics does not accept liability for any charges incurred from the time that the wine has arrived in the airport of destination.
  • We fax or email consignee with flight details after dispatch.
  • Please collect cargo within 2 days to avoid storage charges.


  1. The regulations for the importation of wine differ from State to State. Clients will be requested to confirm what wine import restrictions apply in the state of destination BEFORE shipping
  2. DO NOT attempt to import wine unless you have done so before, or unless you have a professional broker who is able to do so on your behalf. We recommend that you consider our USWINE door to door service.
  3. Canada - special permits required.
  4. USA - Restricted States (Permits may be required) include: Arizona; California; Kentucky; Maryland; Massachusetts; South Carolina; Texas, Utah, Washington DC.

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